Power Skills Mastery

for Maximizing Your Impact


The Power Skills framework will help develop critical skills and tap the power of relationships related to your areas of responsibility and professional goals:

Strong relationships fuel business and personal success. Competing to earn, build and maintain profitable, win-win relationships requires collaborative leadership skills and a relationship management system.  This Power Skills program provides you with a competency based blended learning and performance support system for business, operational and sales effectiveness. It also provides a framework to manage the lifecycle of your most important relationships to drive your strategic growth initiatives.The most effective people and organizations are strategic about relationships as a most important and hidden asset. With Power Skills, you will have the tools to identify, build, nurture and leverage a portfolio of key relationships (your Relationship Capital) to achieve your strategic, operational and professional goals.

Who is the program for 

  • Anyone who manages professional relationships as part of their work and career growth
  • This includes people in sales, business development, partner management, managers, and executives.

Yes, It Really Is For You!

Tap the power of relationships related to your areas of responsibility and professional goals:


Benefit of the program:

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Are You Ready To Unleash the Power Related To Your Areas Of Resonsibility And Professional Goals ?

In This Program, You’ll learn how to:

  • Enhance critical skills, behaviors and success factors for today’s business environment
  • Learn think, relate, and act strategically every day regardless of distractions and short term pressures
  • Learn and develop new strategies to establish, manage and build collaborative relationships internally and externally that drive measurable business results and customer value.
  • Build a plan to grow your Relationship Capital to achieve your goals
  • Leverage tools which allow you to easily implement and adapt your business and relationship management plans in your every day interactions as your skills continue to grow. 

What people should expect after finishing the program:

  • The Power Skills framework will help develop critical skills and tap the power of relationships related to your areas of responsibility and professional goals:
  • Driving project success and cross team initiatives
  • Communications and relationships with senior management
  • Building Better Sales Networks
  • Key Account Development
  • Managing partnerships or alliances
  • Supply chain management
  • Business Development
  • Acquiring talent
  • Professional Development
  • Career Advancement

I'm Jason Masciarelli

It's been a bumpy road with many highs and lows along my 25+ year professional journey. However, my relationship development power skills are one constant set of skills that have enabled me to build and rebuild success reliably. I have diverse and rich experience building start-ups, selling enterprise IT solutions, leading teams, investing in start-ups, facilitating M&A, and implementing CRM systems.

Throughout my career, I've leveraged Power Skills as an essential evergreen framework initially created by my father, James P. Masciarelli, an entrepreneur, private investor, and CEO coach. James dedicated his professional life to coaching leaders and building executive teams; he founded and grew several companies as CEO and published the book PowerSkills: Building Top-Level Relationships for Bottom-Line Results, along with a one-week executive seminar Building Profitable Relationships leveraged by start-ups and Fortune 1000 companies to increase performance and accelerate sales.

We are now making the Power Skills framework available digitally, updating materials to help a broader audience of professionals along their professional journeys toward building relationship development and mastery of Power Skills.


A great program for leaders and organizations that want to build a high performance, customer centric culture


Power Skills represents a new way of looking at relationships of all kinds


While Relationship Management has become a buzz word, until now there has been no definitive framework on how to grow and cultivate relationships


Ultimately relationships determine results and there is a process for building strategic relationships. This program bottles up extraordinary knowledge in a jargon-free framework of great value to business leaders at all levels.


Power Skills Mastery

for Maximizing Your Impact

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