Develop Your Power Skills

About Power Skills

The Power Skills Story

Power Skills was founded on the key insight that long-term business success is all about building a strategic web of professional relationships. Our mission is to help individuals, teams, and organizations maximize performance and business outcomes through the development of the Power Skills framework – a timeless set of skills and methods.

This project started in 1994, when James Masciarelli began cataloging lessons learned from some of the best and brightest executives, entrepreneurs, managers, business owners, and professionals. Through founding and building a leading corporate and retained executive search firm with global impact, James interviewed more than 10,000 executives gaining deep insights.

Now James' son Jason Masciarelli is leading Power Skills into the future with an even greater focus on helping more people achieve their potential. With our unique blend of training programs and resources – including online courses, articles, templates, tools & apps – we make it easy for you to learn and apply the Power Skills framework in your own life and work.

About Jason

Jason Masciarelli has been practicing the Power Skills framework for over 25 years, continuously working toward mastery. He has used these skills to build highly committed teams in diverse cultures throughout the United States, India, and Asia Pacific. His ability to connect, build trust, and deliver value in relationships has enabled him to deliver impact as a sales executive, consultant, founder, CEO, investor, and business unit leader.

What makes Jason unique is his ability to connect with people and build trust quickly. He strives to deliver value in every relationship, which has enabled him to achieve success as a CEO, investor, and business unit leader. Jason's passion is helping others reach their potential and he is always learning so that he can continue delivering value to those around him.